Energy tour 


(16km – 5h – 750 kuna per person) – starts very early morning*

This tour will lead the guests to paddle along the beautiful coastline of Brela – from the starting point on Punta Rat beach to Vruja – and get to explore the wildest part of Brela where the nature will surround them. Once in Vruja, they will observe the results of the mix of sea and spring water. The guests will be able to swim in Vruja, enjoy rock climbing and jumping (optional). Then they will go on one wild beach and enjoy a little snack all together, after they will go snorkelling and some underwater pictures will be taken. Once done, they will paddle back to Kayak Brela stand where they started, including paddling around the Stone of Brela with the kayaks. On the end, they will be offered a cold drink and some homemade finger food to share. 



Sunset tour


(5-6km – 3h – 750 kuna per person) – starts mid afternoon*

This tour will give the guests the opportunity to discover and enjoy Brela from the sea – from Punta Rat beach to Jardula (or closer depending on the sea and the group). They will enjoy to approach the Stone of Brela while kayaking, climb and jump from some rocks (optional). One beach will be chosen for them to stop, share some snacks all together and they will go snorkelling. Some underwater pictures will be taken. On the way back to Kayak Brela stand, they will turn their kayak and watch the sunset from the sea. After the tour, they will be offered to share one cold drink and some homemade finger food at our stand.


(*) The starting time is subject to change depending on the month of the year and/or weather conditions


Note: Prior to each tour, the guests will be:

·         welcomed by Kayak Brela Team

·         given life jackets, waterproof barrels to bring their valuable belongings with them

·         given snorkelling equipment if needed (they are welcomed to bring their own masks, snorkels and fins)

·         reminded guidelines about paddling and safety onto the sea (no previous experience needed)


PICTURES: During the whole tour, the Kayak Brela guide will be taking pictures of the guests, including under the water. After the tour, the guests can preview these pictures on a tablet. They can buy the whole set of pictures at an extra cost of 200 kuna per person.

PRICE INCLUDES: kayaking and snorkelling equipment, insurance, your guide, snacks and beverages during and after the tour

What the guests should bring: Water (minimum 1.5 liter per person), sunscreen, beach shoes or flip flops, swimwear, towel, hat, dry clothes to change after the tour